Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Paragraph, Aiyeee!

I'll continue to work on this until my Saturday post! Here's a taste ;)

Stone of Wrath
Andre tried to look out over the city-state with the pride of a man that would soon rule this land. Spires of dark stone and cottages of brick and mortar meandered across the dips of the valley. Ash blown in from Mount Mordris during the active season carried glass and volcanic ash into the city, giving Galis its infamous crimson sunsets and glittering skies. The range of mountains and volcanoes made his land beautiful, but it barred the Kingdom from the rest of the world for most of the year. And no matter the season, the few existing passes were considered too treacherous for a Duke’s son.

Anyways... bare bones for the first chapter. There's lots more to work with and I guess you'll see what I've cooked up on Saturday :) Enjoy your day!


Castor said...

Seems that you've pretty much hit the ground running. I like the pace and tone that you are taking with this opening description. Asking for a bit more would be premature of me, but I am going to do just that out of curiosity for what awaits.

It smells like you have some general idea of how this dough will pan out. Or should I just left to wonder of what is to be? :o

Cai said...

Awesome intro. Its only one paragraph but I'm already immersed. The scenery reminds me of the fire nation...never a bad thing.